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[quote]TEENAGE PREGNANCY was nothing compared to scary. At SEVENTEEN, I was terrified. Clearly wasn’t ready at all. By then, I didn’t even wash my own clothes. But that all drastically changed.[/quote]

Although pregnancy during my teens was something I encountered at an early stage of my life, being a mom is the most wonderful thing to become. It is also a lifetime of responsibility. Being a mom has no breaks, you can’t resign from it and definitely you can’t just quit. Maybe this is why some women are scared to be a mom and set an ideal age to marry and go through the process of taking it slowly. I, on the other hand had it differently.

Teenage pregnancy was nothing compared to scary. I was terrified. I wasn’t ready at all. I didn’t even wash my own clothes by then. But that all drastically changed. I had to learn the hard way.

At 17 you should be out partying, or at least doing teenage stuff, not searching the malls for baby stuff, what milk should you use, what brand of diaper you should buy. Still, that didn’t change my way of embracing motherhood and trying to become the best mom I could be.

Now I have a five year old boy, and trust me, parenting is a learning process all throughout. When you think you know everything, you don’t. This is my story.

[quote]I had to learn the hard way and came out on top with teenage pregnancy.[/quote]

Teenage Pregnancy | Mom and Student at 17
Teenage Pregnancy | Mom and Student at 17

[quote]Being a mom at 17 was nothing compared to scary. I was terrified.[/quote]

It was the summer going into second year college when I found out I was pregnant, and to say I was devastated was not even close to it. I had no idea how to tell my mom and truth to be told; I had my boyfriend’s mom tell her.

Being pregnant at 17 was something no teenage girl should experience. Yes, it takes away your teenage years and there’s no going back. Abortion wasn’t an option for me because just thinking about it made my stomach churn. Although my boyfriend did suggest it, I never even considered it.

I accepted that I was becoming a mom at an early age and almost gave up on my dreams. My journey with teenage pregnancy was no near easy. They sent me to stay with my cousins in Manila, my Dad didn’t even bother to stop by and see me when he came home from the states.  I learned everything the hard way, how to wash clothes, how to cook and learned about things on how to be a mom.

The time came when I have to give birth. And honestly, I wasn’t scared at all. I popped my baby out like a pro! Then here comes the sleepless nights. I was getting tired.  There were times that I would even cry because I couldn’t cope up with everything. When my baby wouldn’t stop crying, when I had to sleep but I still had things to do. But like I said, motherhood isn’t something you can give up on.

Teenage Pregnancy | Mom and Student at 17
Teenage Pregnancy | Mom and Student at 17

[quote]I accepted that I was becoming a mom at an early age and almost gave up on my dreams.[/quote]

June came rolling in and I had to go back to school, my baby was 6 month old by then.  The struggle was definitely real. All throughout my college life I had to struggle through my studies. There were times that I wouldn’t go to school because I just needed a little bit of rest. Sometimes I would come to school dozing off because I had to put my little one to sleep before I could study long pages for quizzes. It was never easy, but I got through it.

Now I’m proud to say that I’ve finished my course, and now a full time mom to my kid.

Parenting will never be easy, no matter what age you have a baby. It’s just a matter of how you cope with what life gives you. Don’t give up, keep on going and accept life at its fullest because seeing your child grow with you, will always be full of joy!

[quote]To all young moms out there, never lose hope, keep striving and be the best mom you can.[/quote]

Teen Pregnancy | Mom and Student at 17

Posted on 22nd of February 2017 by Jane M. | MommyBuddy
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Jane is a self-employed 22 year-old mother who had her son when she was 17. A teen-mom who came out on top despite the adversaries that she faced and is now a Graduate of Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science.

A happy mother and a valued contributor at MommyBuddy.

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