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[quote]There is no denying that pregnancy is a thrilling time for lots of couples. However, sharing the excitement to the world seems nerve-wracking.[/quote]

To help you announce your pregnancy to your family and friends, we have set forth below a few fun, interesting ways to announce you’re pregnant:


Let the world know you have a little angel on the way through a YouTube video

Announcing your pregnancy through a YouTube video has become popular these days. So, you might want to use this trick as well. If you wish to ensure the announcement will be fun and creative, it is prudent to get an inspiration from a slew of sample YouTube videos. One smart idea is to record you announcing the pregnancy to your hubby.


Put the message on your another child’s shirt

This idea works if you have another child. Let your kid reveal the great news to other members of your family by having him wear a shirt saying his “only child” status will expire on your expected due date. Try to catch their response by recording it. You may also want to take a picture of your child wearing the shirt and publish it on your social media accounts. This will undoubtedly generate positive responses from your friends and relatives.

Publish a photo of a new pair of “genes” (jeans) on social media

One unique way to let your friends and relatives know that a new family member will soon arrive is to post a “teaser” on your social media accounts. The image may show a new pair of jeans with this caption: “Watch out for the arrival of our family’s new pair of genes.” You may also add a date so as to add a fun twist to your teaser.


Give the “classic bun in the oven” a shot

Would you like to surprise your parents? Here is one exciting trick: Have your parents open your oven to find a bun “cooking.” If you feel they will not easily get the message, you may want to add another hint. You may mark two buns with the letter “B.” You must make sure that they will see the two “B” buns when your parents open the oven. Take a photograph that will serve as a remembrance of this captured moment.


Give your parents a children’s book (with a message)

One clever way to tell your parents you are expecting a baby is to give them a children’s book that has a special message: “Please read this book to me in May (your due month). Excited to see you soon! Love, Baby Boy / Girl (your last name).” They will certainly understand the message.

childrens book

Come up with a movie poster

If you want something cute, it is wise to create a movie poster announcing your pregnancy. You may also add the “release date” of your movie to add an innovative twist. Show this to your friends and family. They will surely find this idea smart and one-of-a-kind.

movie poster

Send your family a video of you listening to your little angel’s heartbeat

If you are a bit shy to tell the good news to your relatives in person, it is a great idea to send an email that contains the video of you hearing the heartbeat of your baby. Use any of these lines as your subject: “You’ll absolutely love this / Someone is excited to meet you in (your due month).”


Bottom line: The options are limitless when it comes to sharing your excitement with your friends and family. The above-mentioned tips, however, are our favorites as these will surely elicit positive reactions from your loved ones.

7 Creative, Exciting Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant

Posted on 23nd of February 2017 by Dave Calpito | MommyBuddy
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