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Baby Boy Names | As such, we have listed below a slew of interesting baby boy names for boys along with their meanings to assist you in picking the perfect name for your little angel.

[quote]Sure, some names really sound great. However, parents sometimes get upset when they discover that their preferred names do not reflect the character traits that they want their children to have. Read on.[/quote]


Baby Boy Names | MommyBuddy
Baby Boy Names | MommyBuddy


A shorter form of Uilliam, Liam means “protector” and “strong-willed.” This moniker is also said to have descended from Frankish Willahelm that means “helmet of will.” It is also a shortened version of “William.”


A Hebrew name, Ethan means “firm,” “safe,” and “strong.” Ethan, in the bible, is deemed a wise man.


In the bible, God chose Noah to construct the ark, fill it with two of every animal and food, and survive the great flood. This Hebrew name means “comfort” and “rest.”


A Greek name, Alexander means “defender of men.” Since the time of the ancient Greeks, many emperors and kings were named Alexander.


In the bible, Matthew is among Jesus’s apostles. He is also the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament. This name means “Gift from God” and it is believed to have originated from the Hebrew name Matityahu.


In the New Testament, Andrew is the very first apostle to be called by Jesus. This name means “courageous,” “manly,” and “strong.”


Derived from Jacob, which is a Hebrew name, James means “supplanter” – one who follows. This name became popular since James VI became Britain’s first ruler.


This name has been used to refer to any man, particularly from the working classes. It is also worth mentioning that it was originally a nickname for James and John that has become a name.


This is traditionally a last name used by a cart driver. Among the popular Carters include President Jimmy Carter.


This name, which means “brave,” “manly,” and “masculine,” is said to have originated from the Greek name Andrew.

Old-fashioned baby names that totally work for a modern baby

Jan 6, 2017 Looking for an old-fashioned baby name for your girl or boy? These traditional baby names are classic examples.


A Hebrew name, Nathaniel means “gift of God.”


This name means “well born,” “young warrior,” and “noble.” Popular Owens include actors Owen Wilson and Clive Owen.


A Latin name, Austin means “majestic dignity.”


This name, which means “son of Jack,” was originally a last name. Well-renowned Jacksons include Michael Jackson and President ndrew Jackson.


This name means “strong-willed warrior.” Some popular Williams include Will Smith and William Shakespeare.



This name has three meanings: “God is my strength,” “a hero of God,” and “devoted to God.” This moniker was also lifted from the bible. Gabriel is the angel who told Mary that she would bear the son of God.


This name means “remembered by God.” This is a Hebrew name.


An English name, Parker was a last name given to anyone who was a gamekeeper during medieval times. On top of that, the name also means “forest ranger” or “keeper of the forest.” Well-renowned Parkers include Charlie Parker and Parker Stevenson.


Landon, which means “ridge” or “long hill,” is traditionally a last name in England.


This name was a Scottish and English last name given to hunters and bird catchers.

No one can deny that there’s a lot of pressure in selecting a baby name. This is because it will be part of your child throughout his life and it will also be among the first things people learn about your kid. Picking from the names mentioned above is a very good idea because they have excellent meanings your son will certainly be proud of down the road.

Catholic Baby Names for Boys – A

Name, Related Names, Date. Aaron, 07-01. Abban, 10-27. Abel, 12-02. Abraham , Abram, 10-09. Absolan, 03-02. Achille (Achilles), 11-07. Achim (Joachim), 08- …
Baby Boy Names | MommyBuddy
Baby Boy Names | MommyBuddy

[quote]We hope that the names and its meaning we shared to you will help in choosing your son’s name.

But don’t be too hard on yourself, parents always feel the pressure of picking that best name. Just always remember that what truly counts are the things you do to guide them to become the best that they can be.[/quote]


20 Baby Names For Boys With Great Meanings Your Son Can Be Proud Of

Posted on 23nd of February 2017 by Dave Calpito | MommyBuddy
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