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A few weeks right before my pregnancy, I was extremely on edge about all the stuff I would need for my baby. I actually read about 3 books on baby stuff alone. I kept panicking on whether or not I would need this or that. Luckily, I had my supermom help me out in this department. By the time I gave birth, I thought I was all ready and prepared. Turns out I was wrong. I found myself experiencing a shortage on a variety of clothes, bottles and wipes.

Fortunately, my in-laws also came to the rescue with a bunch of baby wipes, clothes and many other baby essentials. Hopefully, when baby number 2 comes, I’d have a little more insight as to what I should have all the time.

So, for all those parents out there, here are some of my favorite baby stuff must-haves.

  1. Burp cloth

These little pieces of cloth are your best friend. They come in handy when your little babe’s becoming messy. Burp cloths catch and wipe spit ups and drool. Just tuck these under your baby’s chin to catch any spittle or dribbles. You would need to stock up on these since babies can get messy anytime and anywhere.

  1. Car seat and Stroller

Every parent would need a stroller to get their babies from point A to point B without much hassle. A car seat is also a must-have for me because it helps keep my baby comfortable and safe in the car. Plus, he doesn’t fuss around or distract me while I drive. Conveniently, car seats and strollers also come in pairs. When purchasing a stroller, be sure to get one that is right for the age of your baby otherwise it might end up hurting his/her back. I would also recommend light weight strollers, more space and less weight.

  1. Knit pants

I’ve been using knit pants on my baby since he was a newborn. They are comfortable and practical since they match almost any onesie or shirt. They’re also great when your baby is feeling a little chilly. Be sure to always have spares in your baby’s diaper bag.

  1. Carriers

Not everyone would be into baby carriers. I admit, at first I wasn’t keen on the idea of my baby just dangling about, but carriers actually come in pretty handy when you’ve got your hands full. It is especially convenient when you travel. Your baby’s safe and comfortable on your chest and your hands are free to carry whatever you need.

Disadvantages of carriers

  • Some carriers might be difficult to master
  • The extra weight might put a strain on your back or neck
  • A carrier is only great if you have one baby

  1. Bottle Sterilizer

A bottle sterilizer is an important baby stuff essential. It might be a bit pricey, but it is also a practical purchase because it effectively cleanses your baby’s bottles without leaving whitish residues that boiling in hot water usually does. Plus, it can also sterilize your baby’s utensils and toys. I would recommend the brand pigeon. Their sterilizers are not very pricey and they could fit 6 8 oz bottles in one cycle.

  1. Teething toys

Baby teething toys are another ally in your arsenal of baby stuff. These are for when your baby’s teeth are growing out and he/she just wants to put everything they see into their mouth. Having teething toys can also calm your baby down when he/she is becoming fussy. Make sure to thoroughly clean and sterilize your baby’s toys before letting them put it in their mouth.

  1. Diapers

When it comes to pooping and peeing, babies never mess around. No parent can ever get enough diapers, cloths and wipes. Be sure to stock up all the time because babies can go through more than 5 diapers a day. If you are using reusable diapers, make sure to have more than a dozen at hand. No one likes doubling their laundry every day. The brand I use is Huggies Dry diapers because it’s cheap, doesn’t cause rashes on my baby’s diaper area and it doesn’t leak.

  1. Rash Ointment

Rash ointment is anotherbaby stuff must-have for parents especially those using disposable diapers. Since diapers may cause some irritation and rashes that can be very painful on your baby’s skin, it is important to apply rash ointment or diaper cream on your baby’s diaper area. Be sure to have one in your changing station and one in your diaper bag. The brand I use for diaper cream is Drapolene.

  1. Washcloths

Babies can get pretty messy especially after a meal. A nice bath, especially before going to bed can help comfort the tired infant. Wash cloths can help gently clean the baby’s face, toes, hands and neck without hurting his/her delicate skin.

  1. Nasal Aspirator

A nasal aspirator is super helpful in relieving your baby’s clogged nose. They help the baby breathe better by draining the fluids from his/her nose. Be sure to know the proper way of using a nasal aspirator as you might harm your child’s nose or face.

Types of nasal aspirators

  1. Tube type

  1. Bulb Syringe

With a number of baby products on the market today, it can be hard to decide on what you really need or want. My advice would be to just go with your gut and get the amount of stuff you feel you need. No parent is perfect. Plus, it’s always a good idea to go with your baby’s flow and learn on the job.

10 Baby Stuff Parents Must Have

Posted on 24nd of February 2017 by Aisabelle | MommyBuddy

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