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Here is where you shop for your baby’s consumable goods like Milk, Diaper, Wipes and more! Everything you need for you baby is here at Quick Shop!

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Enough worrying about your little one’s party! Everything you need for a children’s event is here at MommyBuddy.com.ph!


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We’re always looking for ways to make things easier for Parents,so we created the Pediatric Directory. This directory should help you in choosing which Pediatrician is best suited for your schedule and requirement.


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Validations from our customers really make us happy to see that we have made THEIR Parenting Easier, in a simple way.

Very Reliable

Very reliable and fast service. I usually use this when I’m at work and can’t leave to come home or to buy my baby’s milk or nappy. I just leave money at home just in case I need to have anything delivered asap. Thank you so much for making this service.

Rico / Father / Businessman


Mommybuddy is a “heaven-sent” online store for me. As a working mom, it is very challenging to manage and replenish my two babies’ milks and diapers. With the demanding schedule at work and the heavy traffic in the City, going out to buy takes a lot of effort. Until I discovered Mommybuddy just recently who offers express delivery service for baby products. Now, I don’t need to worry about the hassle of passing by the regular stores late after work nor the guilt of forgeting important stuffs.

Minie / Mother / Software Engineer

I Now Order Weekly

Satisfied customer here! Very fast and reliable delivery of products. I now order weekly.

Grand Jordan / Father / Entrepreneur